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Finmax demo

24-07-2017, 13:34 2 808 Binary options with demo
binary options demo finmax
Name  FinMax 
Online since:   2016
Jurisdiction:   Moscow
Minimum Deposit:  $100
Minimum Investment:  $5
Max Returns:  88%
Demo  Yes
Mobile:   No

Creating a trading account is an attractive and efficient way to increase one’s income. Financial broker FinMax offers a wide range of commercial possibilities with client friendly customer service. The company was founded at the end of 2015 by a group of professional traders. Unless being relatively young team working with binary options, it has already become very popular among newcomers and experts and has proved its trading capacity.  

FinMax trading analysts have developed a full-skilled platform for experienced users and binary options demo version for newcomers. There is also a possibility to get training and online assistance. Among main advantages of trading with FinMax are:

  • Wide range of contract duration, starting from 30 seconds and up to 6 months long;
  • Easy and user-friendly menu;
  • Large variety of available assets with “top picks” tracking;
  • Useful option for newcomers is Finmax demo, that offers to test the platform and one’s skills without risking any funds;
  • Providing up to 100% bonus upon registration.

Some registration tips of opening trading account with FinMax

First of all, start working with FinMax demo is a good idea both for big fishes of binary options market and newborn traders. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with all facilities without risking any real money. Trading demo means using virtual currency. After having tried it, one can decide if he needs to get some training assistance before going in for real binary options market.

Fees. Registration at FinMax demo is free of change. Deals with real money start from 5 USD. Minimum deposit is 100 USD. Upon registration, FinMax grants extra bonus in the amount of up to 100% of deposited funds.

Trading. Commencing with binary options demo opens the full range of FinMax facilities with the only difference in not using real money in contracts. All deals are instantly implemented. Contracts’ duration varies from 30 seconds to 6 months. There is also possibility of upgrading trading account up to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Withdrawal. Using FinMax demo version doesn’t suppose withdrawal, as only virtual currency is in the business in this case. Withdrawal of funds from ordinary account is executed within 48 hours.

Advantages of starting with FinMax Demo.

There are just a few brokers who offer its clients to test their platform and take part in real deals without depositing into trading account. The main advantage of FinMax demo is that it hasn’t any limitations or restrictions in comparison with ordinary accounts. It means that from the very beginning the demo version user has access to all FinMax facilities, can test and evaluate them.

binary options demo free

First steps with FinMax Demo.

  1. Get demo version account by fulfilling a short inquiry (name, surname, phone number, email, country);
  2. Proceed to FinMax training platform if needed;
  3. Convenient interface will let you get used to the trading process quickly;
  4. Study “top picks”, it is advisable to start your study with one of the best traders’ choice from that section.

Trading binary options is evaluated as one the most efficient way to invest funds and increase income. Make profit of all available options and start by testing FinMax demo version. It is an easy and free of charge possibility to try one’s skills and widen investing channels.

Analytics and Education

As all professional binary options brokers do, the FinMax pays proper attention to traders’ education. You can find a huge amount of training materials on the website, covering all the aspects of trading in the financial markets, including several kinds of analysis and strategies even.

The company’s clients are also offered interesting article and e-book. As for the analytics, it is presented in the face of market outlooks and news. The most popular trading instruments are involved in the outlooks.

The possibility to open a demo account with no deposit is another relevant feature of this broker. All that traders needs to do is to register and to send an inquiry. Using demo account, traders may test the platform and polish several trading strategies before starting making deals with a live account.

Finally, the FinMax offers all its client risk-free deals. What does it mean? A trader can buy its first binary options contract without risking money. The maximum order is 1000 US Dollars. What happens if the deal fails? The investment returns into the account as a bonus. By the way, despite other brokers, the FinMax fairly claims that the money is transferred in bonus means. Its further spending is possible in accordance with the bonus program’s terms only.

By the way, there is so additional information about bonuses. They are offered to the clients depending on a number of deposits. The more money you deposit, the bigger bonus you get. As for the bonus accumulating, the trading terminal shows how many orders you have to place before getting the bonus. This confirms once again the clear policy that the company conducts towards clients.

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  • Comments (10)

    #1 Aubrey
    Very useful. All of us should actually trade with a demo account before coming into a real one.
    #2 Pule
    This broker is generally good. I have traded here more than a year, everything goes so well.
    #3 Telesforo
    Professional, prompt, reliable. Finmax is one of the best brokers I have been trading at.
    #4 Anik
    Useful feature. However, they should extend the expiration of their demo account. Having 7 days to test is too short. 
    #5 Hamada
    Aubrey, Correctly. Demo accounts allow us to test our trading strategies without risking any money. Besides, trading with a demo account alongside a real one helps us "trade slowly to deliberate" our trading decision, leading to a better result.
    #6 Juste
    Does this broker charge fees for using demo account?
    #7 Hamzic
    Juste, No they don't. 
    However, a demo account is limited to use within 7 days. The given amount is quite small too.
    #8 Walsh
    I am trading real here and it's even better than when trading with a demo account.
    #9 Myint
    Superior trading system. Execution here is by far the fastest I have seen.
    #10 Amelia Cowler
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    Doing so will help you with a close follow up on how to get your funds back and help other innocent victims stay safe and avoid fraud.

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